Spring Recruitment 2014

Feb 15, 2014

With the start of spring semester, the brothers grew excited about the possibility of spring recruitment. We gave out three meal bids, and extended offers of membership to two candidates, Zach Klein ’16 and Kyle Raudensky ‘16. From the beginning, these guys represented everything it is to be a brother of the Chi Phi Fraternity. The new member education process for this semester focused on the core values of the Chi Phi Fraternity and the Phi Lambda Theta Chapter.

In addition to studying the rich history and tradition of our fraternity, the new members had the ability to strengthen the bond of brotherhood in our chapter by planning and executing several projects. These included a Valentine’s Day social event, a community service event to clean up our locally-adopted highway, and a bison spirit project to unify our brothers while supporting a Bucknell sports team. Additionally, the new members had the chance to participate in a brotherhood paintball event with the entire chapter the day after their initiation.

"The new member education process taught me what is to be expected of me as a Chi Phi. It helped prepare me to better represent my school, my fraternity and myself. These are lessons that will help me throughout my entire life."
– Zach Klein ‘16

- Alejandro Ramirez de Arellano ‘16

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